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Machines which can
leave our collection
T.H. Bergmann “Non Stop” 1956

Price € 1500,-
  Another 60 year old "Non-Stop" in this ultimate state you will not find anymore. The machine looks like new. Works 100%. Fully handmade. With its beautiful size of lxbxh 1200x500x940mm it fits into any game room and will certainly attract the attention of your guests. Play with your friends on this very addictive machine.
Game rules; After 5 euro cents, a bell sounds indicating that the game begins. A ball is automatically thrown onto the playing field. As the playing field is rounded the ball will automatically roll to 1 of the goal or angles. As soon as the ball comes into 1 of the corners, it automatically will shoot into the playing field. Getting the ball to 1 of the players, the player can catch the ball and shoot through the push button on the shooter. After a player scored, the ball will automatically be taken back into play. The game illuminates the number of goals scored. At the end of the game, the bell will sound again and the game returns to rest. (more information)

       bergmann_non-stop  bergmann_non-stop   bergmann_non-stop
Bally Hardbody 1987

Price 1100,-
  Overall a great starter pinball machine. This is from the right time era and is a solid state machine. It is one of the better playfields that don't have a multi-ball function. Good progression and many skill shots. Upper and Lower playing field pinball machines are always lots of fun. The dual level playfields, each with two flippers, are a nice touch, and each has a good variety of targets to shoot at. The flex-save feature adds a new level of difficulty that is not found in most pins. Great addition to any collection.
     bally hardbody bally hardbody bally hardbody
Bally Spacetime 1971

Price 680,-
  This early 1970's EM is the four player version of "Time Tunnel" which is much more collectible due to it's limited production numbers. It was also featured in an episode of "Happy Days" where Fonzie had scored yet another high game on "Nip It" and declared it beaten...demanding that Arnold get a new machine. The new machine, which appears only briefly was "Space Time". The most intriguing feature is the "Time Tunnel" visible below the playfield that changes values until the player hits a target to stop the tunnel, and collect that level award. With proper timing, you can learn to stop it on 5,000 points regularly, adding to your score. But it also features a variety of targets, the playfield is very rich with them considering it's age. The outlanes are too wide, adding to frustration being the frequent result of a game, even for experienced players. I've seen more than one of these set up with a post partially blocking each outlane. A great EM, and well worth adding to your collection.
     bally spacetime bally spacetime bally spacetime
Bally firecracker 1971

Price 740,-
  It´s a mass of different innovations completed in one game. The kickback, the random-scale, the extra ball-possibility, the bonus score, the stopper, the target for lightning the gate to shoot the ball again to play. All these things in a game of 1971 that's fantastic and milestones comparing to other games. The artwork is really funny with different pictures showing guys using firecrackers. The backglass is also very nice and funny, too. The most parts are coloured in a pale yellow with red contrast. All the parts together are fitting well. Comparing to other Em's you can have long plays and much fun. The backglass is is little flaked but the machine is working perfect and looks great.
     bally firecracker 1971 bally firecracker 1971 bally firecracker 1971
Williams Tri-zone 1979

Price 900,-
  This pinball machine immediately stands out because of the beautiful animation on the mirrored back-glass and the layout of the playfield. If this pinball machine is properly adjusted, you can hit all 4 drop targets with just one ball. This is possible due to the special angle in which these targets are placed. A beautiful and popular pinball machine, of which a total of 7,250 were built in 1979.
     williams_tri-zone_pinball williams_tri-zone_pinball williams_tri-zone_pinball
Gottlieb Super soccer 1975

Price  820,-
  The best thing about the game is the bonus balls which are accumulated during play and displayed in the backglass and which kick out violently at the end of play or during play if scored correctly. Good action that keeps you interested. Twin spinners are fun to aim for but a good shot gets you ahead of the points that should be awarded. The Bonus collect hole was a neat Feature, so is the 3-Balls setting, scoring double in the second, and triple(!) Bonus in the third ball. Unique Special feature may add to the fun, if you go for replays. Artwork is rather poor for Gottlieb. 
     Gottlieb super soccer pinball Gottlieb Super soccer pinball Gottlieb Super soccer pinball
Gottlieb Bonanza 1964

Price € 1450,-  
  Gottlieb Rebuilt mechanically and as clean as a pinball machine can be this classic Gottlieb pinball machine is made again in an amazing cosmetic condition. The colorful backglass has some small cracks and the playfield is near mint. As good as they get all original from 1964. Great game play from 1964 featuring: Playmaker center bank returns ball to the upper part of the playfield. Four targets and corresponding rollovers lights the pop bumpers and center button for 100 points Three rebuilt bumpers Two rebuilt old school small flippers The sounds and feel of a vintage pinball machine NO sound boards but real bells. Western pinball machines are still very popular titles.
2 x Vintage television TX1422A 1953

Price 580,- p/pcs
  Black white television Philips TX1422A of 1953.

This retro television has been completely converted. in this old television a LED screen has been installed with recent electronics so that this antique television is once again completely up to date. The technology of today with the look of the 50s. Connections such as USB and HDMI are present. This allows you to play movies directly from USB or your computer.
A new amplifier and loudspeaker has been built in so that the full sound of this vintage television is present again. A remote control for the operation of the television is added. The cabinet is still in a good condition.

For your company or shop, this retro television has a great image to show videos or photos, but also in the living room or mancave furnished in the old style, this television comes into its own.

Dimensions: WxHxD 49x47x49 cm
vintage_television_with_modern_electronics old_television_with_modern_electronics antique_television_with_modern_electronics