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T.H. Bergmann “Non Stop” 1956

Price € 1500,-
  Another 66 year old "Non-Stop" in this ultimate state you will not find anymore. The machine looks like new. Works 100%. Fully handmade. With its beautiful size of lxbxh 1200x500x940mm it fits into any game room and will certainly attract the attention of your guests. Play with your friends on this very addictive machine.
Game rules; After 5 euro cents, a bell sounds indicating that the game begins. A ball is automatically thrown onto the playing field. As the playing field is rounded the ball will automatically roll to 1 of the goal or angles. As soon as the ball comes into 1 of the corners, it automatically will shoot into the playing field. Getting the ball to 1 of the players, the player can catch the ball and shoot through the push button on the shooter. After a player scored, the ball will automatically be taken back into play. The game illuminates the number of goals scored. At the end of the game, the bell will sound again and the game returns to rest. (more information)

       bergmann_non-stop  bergmann_non-stop   bergmann_non-stop
Data East Royal Rumble  1994

Price 3900,-
The “Royal Rumble” contains a lot of gameplay, it's crazy that not more people don't know this game. You may not fall in love with it in the first 10 games, but after that you learn what to shoot for and that those shots are pretty heavy. Data East went above and beyond for the audio. Most games have 3-5 different songs or music. This one has at least 9, one for each wrestler. The top playing field is an added bonus, it has a shaker motor, 2 ramps, two different paths to the top playing field and very nice DMD displays during the game. There are also 3 different modes where you use the flippers in a different part of the game. The video wrestling mode, the chair bashing mode and the tag mode. 2 of those 3 you have to do while playing the game and trying to keep the balls on the playing field. The pandemonium in which each locked ball in the top playing field adds another ball to the game from below. You can add up to 5 extra balls this way. This was the pinball maker's attempt to simulate more and more wrestlers entering the ring from the outside. In doink mode, doink hides in a different spot every time and you have to find the right spot within 20 seconds to locate him. It's hard because you never know which of the 4 holes he's hiding in. just what pinball should be, and that's fun. When you play the game, it's best to relax and have a little laugh about it.
     data_east_royal_rumble data_east_royal_rumble playfielddata_east_royal_rumble frontdata_east_royal_rumble left
Stern Striker Xtreme 2000

Not available at this moment  € 3400,-
Even if you're not a big football fan, you can enjoy this pinball machine. The rules are simple and the cabinet is for both the beginner and experienced players challenging. The drop targets are more difficult to shoot as the score increases. To shoot the ball into the top ramp a magnetic pin is inserted that gives you time to focus properly. Yet it remains difficult to lock in this way a 4 ball multiball. Gooaaall of the journalist is a slogan that you want to hear. Try to beat all the countries.
     stern_striker_xtreme stern_striker_xtremestern_striker_xtremestern_striker_xtreme
Bally Judge Dredd

Price  € 4300,-
Judge Dredd is a really fun machine that feels different than most machines, it has a good comic book theme with plenty of dark humour. The hard rock guitar soundtrack fits the theme really well and even has a bit of an epic feel to it. The machine plays so fast that it's hard to see all the spots in the game and all the little humorous details they contain unless you're watching someone else play. The playfield is very well laid out and contains many interesting shots. The gameplay makes good use of all four flippers due to the large number of ramps crisscross the entire playfield. There are no pop bumpers or anything else to stop the ball, so this game is very flow heavy. The modes offer a lot of variety and if you go through them you will get all over the playing field. It's very satisfying to hit the "JUDGE" drop targets and lock the 3 balls in the spinning Deadworld. Several good multi-ball modes and 2 wizard modes round out the package. The "Ultimate Challenge" wizard mode is very attainable. The cabinet has great artwork, a good theme, satisfying flow, and lots of fun ramps and shots to hit. Because the cabinet has a unique feel and plays differently than most pins, it makes a great addition to a collection. The first software version has been installed on this machine again, where the balls are actually locked. This was changed in the later version, so part of the unique game was lost.
 bally_judge_dredd bally_judge_dreddbally_judge_dredd
Williams Highspeed

Price  € 2700,-
When this pinball machine was produced, Williams was almost bankrupt. This pinball machine became so popular that it saved Williams. Game-wise, this is definitely one of the best pinball machines ever produced. The uplifting music, fast balls and lighting makes this a pinball that asks to play a game every time. What High Speed does so well is that the rules make sense and it takes several shots to complete them. The primary goal is to change the traffic light from green to orange to red, go through the red light and finally escape the police with the police siren. It is very entertaining and never boring. The jackpot is for escaping the police and is transferred from game to game. The trick is to deliberately expand the multiball yourself by not firing the ramp shot in order to increase the jackpot. All in all, one of the best games of the late 80's.
 williams_highspeed williams_highspeedwilliams_highspeed
Williams Hurricane
Price  sold,-
Since this is the third and final machine in the roller coaster trilogy, the Williams Hurricane has a lot going for it, both the Comet and Cyclone are great games. The multi-ball that the other 2 miss is the main scoring feature in Hurricane. Although Hurricane is a 90s DMD game, the rule set is simpler than many games from the same era. This game is refreshingly all about scoring rather than completing 20 different modes. Ball times are often very short and it can be quite a challenge to get 50 million on this machine. The Hurricane Ramp is a great shot to hit and the long ramp is definitely the gimmick of this machine. Hitting the ramp over and over in multi-ball is the secret to high scores. The Clown Time" frenzy mode is also great for collecting a lot of points, but it's not as useful as the ramp during multi-ball because it's a timed mode. Overall, this is a fun machine with a cool playing field layout -out, interesting toys, and a great "one more game" atmosphere
     williams_hurricane williams_hurricanewilliams_hurricanewilliams_hurricane
Bally six Sticks 1966

Price 800,-
This 6-player cabinet was doomed to fail from the start, with 5 balls per player, on the 4th ball, three of the players fell asleep and the other three forgot which player they were? Nevertheless, the cabinet has become a nice cabinet with both the kickback on the left which shoots the ball back to the top of the playing field and the free ball gate on the right. This way you had the opportunity to score a new ball on both sides. this cabinet is in German, a fun game to play with a few people. Make sure you don't shake the cabinet during your ball because your entire game is tilted.
     Williams_high_speed williams_high_speedwilliams_high_speed
Vintage television TX1422A 1953

Price 580,-
  Black white television Philips TX1422A of 1953.

This retro television has been completely converted. in this old television a LED screen has been installed with recent electronics so that this antique television is once again completely up to date. The technology of today with the look of the 50s. Connections such as USB and HDMI are present. This allows you to play movies directly from USB or your computer.
A new amplifier and loudspeaker has been built in so that the full sound of this vintage television is present again. A remote control for the operation of the television is added. The cabinet is still in a good condition.

For your company or shop, this retro television has a great image to show videos or photos, but also in the living room or mancave furnished in the old style, this television comes into its own.

Dimensions: WxHxD 49x47x49 cm
vintage_television_with_modern_electronics old_television_with_modern_electronics antique_television_with_modern_electronics
Magic lantern Optica

Price € 350,-

The magic lantern in the accompanying photos was used in a small cinema around 1930 to show the commercials during the intermission. it is now equipped with a modern standard so that it fits into in a modern interior or game room. Including 2 advertising slides, length 65, height 95cm

toverlantaarn, magic_lantern toverlantaarn, magic_lantern toverlantaarn, magic lantern
Magic lantern small

Price € 160,-

This magic lantern was built around 1900 and used to be performed with candles. It has been converted with an LED lamp which clearly gives more projection than with the candle. With the new modern standard it has become a fun and decorative object that fits well in a modern interior or game room. Including some slides. length 30, height 80cm

toverlantaarn, magic_lantern toverlantaarn, magic_lantern toverlantaarn, magic lantern