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Bergemmeloord delivered pinball's to Pinball Museum Krakow
    In January 2016 we were approached by Chmiel from Chmiels Beerpub in Krakow. He was looking for a pinball machine Bally Amigo for his museum. After his story we were interested in his museum. We went looking for an 'Amigo' for him. After we found one, he was immediately enthusiastic and it was agreed that we would revise it to prepare for many more years in the museum. At the same time, he has also taken over the Mariner from our collection. We sent the Amigo and the Mariner to Krakow as an addition to the collection of the  “Pinball museum Krakow”. These pinball's of the old days still are in the minority in the museum. By the 10th of June the pinball's were arriving in Krakow. Chmiel was very happy to receive the pinball's in very good shape. They still are in the museum and although they are turned on 6 days in the week they still do work fine. On June 15th 2017 I was visiting the museum and found 60 working Pinball machines which are in a good maintained condition. The owner does most of the repair himself. It was just after the museum opened, but even at that moment, there already were about 15 people which found the basement where the pinball museum Krakow is. It is very close to the Wawel Castle in the Jewish quarter.
We can recommend all pinball friends to visit the Pinball museum Krakow. Prices are very reasonable and all pinball's are on "free play" for the whole day fun.
website: http://www.krakowpinballmuseum or  Krakow Pinball Museum on Facebook

Pinballs arrived in Krakow   pinball-amigo-and-mariner
Bally Amigo 1973   bally-amigo
    This Bally Amigo raises a back glass that commands attention, the flipper also has many different options for different shots. The spinner that many points can yield but only when the light is lit! He even gives 1000 points per revolution. A free game seems so simple. The two slots on the side and the bonus can pay up to 2x. This machine continues to fascinate you. Completely cleaned, new rubbers and adjusted is this machine an asset to the Pinball museum Krakow.
Bally Mariner 1971   bally-mariner

EM at its best. One of the most desirable EM pinball's of all times. Very easy rule set, 3" flipper fingers and straight forward game play. very addictive to play. Maybe due to the simple fact, that it had to extra posts added to the playfield to prevent draining through the side lanes. Apparently, this was pretty frequently done during the 1970's, as it allowed unskilled players in a home setup to have extended play time by the ball. it still is one of the absolute EM favourite’s.

Entrance of the Pinball museum Krakow   entrance-pinball-museum-krakow
Children learn how to play pinball   children-learn-how-to-play-pinball
The bally Amigo and Mariner in the museum pinball-amigo-and-mariner-in-museum-krakow
For more impressions visit the website of the pinballmuseum Krakow