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Restoration Bally "Dogies"
    More than 100 hours we have invested in the restoration of this legendary classic Bally pinball. For the restoration, this pinball was used very hard. Because of the poor quality of the paint the pinball was completely painted brown.

The game before the resoration.   Bally Dogies
    Cabinet and backbox of this game (full cabinet) are completely repainted from top to bottom in the original factory colors with original artwork and design.The entire cabinet has a fresh, brand new appearance, and has a very smooth, matt finish of the protective clear coat.
The backglass for this game is a rare quality
Playfield is in excellent condition. It is the original field. A few wear spots are updated in the original color and then foreseen of a clear coat finish
The original factory mylar rings under each of the three pop bumpers on this game have been cleaned.
Plastics on game are excellent!

Here is a detailed list of the work we have done on this Dogies.

• Entire cabinet and backbox are stripped of all components, finished, and completely repainted
• The entire cabinet was put in the clear coat
• Playfield is completely cleaned, polished, waxed, and restored.
• All playground parts and assemblies are removed and hand cleaned, or replaced with new parts where necessary. This also applies to the bulbs, posts, flipper assemblies, bumper targets, pop bumpers, slingshot bumper assemblies and other components that are installed on the playing field.
• All metal parts are hand cleaned and polished to its original bright shiny finish.
• Pop bumpers were removed, cleaned and rebuilt with new parts where necessary.
• Both flipper assemblies completely, 100% disassembled, cleaned, and reinstalled.
• all new rubber rings fitted.
• All lamps on the top and bottom of the screen, and elsewhere in the game, removed, cleaned and replaced.
• New pinball
• All twenty score roles in the backbox are removed, disassembled, cleaned and mounted again
• All stepper motors in the backbox and cabinet disassembled, cleaned and put back together.
• all contacts cleaned and readjusted
• Plunger (ball shooter) fully developed, cleaned and polished.
• Coin door has been completely removed, disassembled and restored, including all internal and external parts and hardware.
The Coin door repainted on the outside with an automotive-quality metallic paint.
• Playfield glass lockdown bar is completely removed cleaned and put back together.
• All four legs on this game cleaned

First we removed all paint.   Bally Dogies
Also the backbox is prepaired   Bally Dogies 
Here is the pinball painted in the first layer.   Bally Dogies 
After the 2nd layer    
Here you find the machine in it's old glory.   Bally Dogies 
The playfield complete rebuilt.   Bally Dogies 
Also the backbox looks like new.   Bally Dogies