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Restoration Bally "Kiss"
    We have completely restored this pinball machine with the Kiss theme by Bally from 1979. The cabinet looks as good as new after our help. Now is this  a pinball from the year 1979 so brandnew it never will be again. You always can see that the pinball is used, This belongs also with a pinball which 30.000 games on the counter is common. here you see the pin as it is delivered in our workshop.
The pinball before the restoration.   Bally Dogies
• Entire cabinet and backbox are stripped of all components, finished, and completely repainted and put in a clear coat by Frenk Buis. ( see also his website where you can see what a great artist he is.) www.frenkbuis.nl
• Playfield will be completely cleaned, polished, waxed, and restored.
• All playground parts and assemblies will be removed and hand cleaned, or replaced with new parts where necessary. This also applies to the bulbs, posts, flipper assemblies, bumper targets, pop bumpers, slingshot bumper assemblies and other components that are installed on the playfield.
• All metal parts are hand cleaned and polished to its original bright shiny finish.
• Pop bumpers were removed, cleaned and rebuilt with new parts where necessary.
• Both flipper assemblies completely, 100% disassembled, cleaned, and reinstalled.
• all new rubber rings fitted.
• All lamps on the top and bottom of the screen, and elsewhere in the game, removed, cleaned and replaced.
• New pinball
• All parts in the backbox are removed, disassembled, cleaned and mounted again
• All electronics in the backbox checked, cleaned and put back together. Leaked battery is removed, all oxidized molex connectors renewed, MPU was so bad that it has to be changed out, and all solderconnections are checked and where neccesary repaired.
• all switches and rollovers cleaned and adjusted
• Plunger (ball shooter) fully developed, cleaned and polished.
• Coin door has been renewed, including all internal and external parts and hardware.
• Playfield glass lockdown bar is completely removed cleaned and put back together.
• All four legs on this game cleaned and foreseen with new levellers

The old front      
Here the playfield stripped    
Here you see the pinball in the preparation for the new look     
During the painting the shape of drawings comes back.   Bally Kiss pinball 
The finishing layer of paint is sprayed.    
Rebuilding of the pinball has started.   Bally Kiss pinball 
Smoother coindoor is mounted and steelparts have been polished Bally Kiss pinball 
Kiss complete finished. Bally Kiss pinball 
Playfield completed and again in good shape. you still can see that the pinball was very populair. Bally Kiss pinball