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Machines for sale
T.H. Bergmann “Non Stop” 1956

Price € 1500,-

Another 60 year old "Non-Stop" in this ultimate state you will not find anymore. The machine looks like new. Works 100%. Fully handmade. With its beautiful size of lxbxh 1200x500x940mm it fits into any game room and will certainly attract the attention of your guests. Play with your friends on this very addictive machine.
Game rules; After 5 euro cents, a bell sounds indicating that the game begins. A ball is automatically thrown onto the playing field. As the playing field is rounded the ball will automatically roll to 1 of the goal or angles. As soon as the ball comes into 1 of the corners, it automatically will shoot into the playing field. Getting the ball to 1 of the players, the player can catch the ball and shoot through the push button on the shooter. After a player scored, the ball will automatically be taken back into play. The game illuminates the number of goals scored. At the end of the game, the bell will sound again and the game returns to rest. (more information)

       bergmann_non-stop  bergmann_non-stop   bergmann_non-stop
Gottlieb Spin wheel 1968

Price € 600,-   ( leased )
  The Spin wheel on the backglass is the basis of this machine, it can take the score to a great extent. You're in luck you have earned 400 points immediately. 5 kick-out holes, and two on the side give this pinball the additional details for a nice pinball. He plays smoothly. On the left, this pinball has some damage. Playfield and backglass are very beautiful.
    gottlieb spin wheel spin wheel gottlieb spin wheel gottlieb
Gottlieb Super Soccer 1975

700,- (sold)
  The best thing about the game is the bonus balls which are accumulated during play and displayed in the backglass and which kick out violently at the end of play or during play if scored correctly. Good action that keeps you interested. Twin spinners are fun to aim for but a good shot gets you ahead of the points that should be awarded. The Bonus collect hole was a neat Feature, so is the 3-Balls setting, scoring double in the second, and triple(!) Bonus in the third ball. Unique Special feature may add to the fun, if you go for replays. Artwork is rather poor for Gottlieb. Machine has only 5300 plays.
Gottlieb Super soccer 1975 Gottlieb Super soccer 1975 Gottlieb Super soccer 1975
United Bankpool 1964

Price €  1150
  From America came this game out of a container. The name of the game is Bankpool from the company United.

See for more information in restorations for the full description.
united bankpoolunited bankpool