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    By working on our hobby for many years, we have noticed that a number of items are not or hardly available. we could only buy these items in somewhat larger quantities and decided to sell the excess tools.
Extractor / Mounting set suitable for molex   Molec extractor set for Pinball
    Price: € 16,50 per set ( shipment € 3,95 Netherlands )
Stock ( 2 )

different Molex tools to extract the pins from your pinball connectors without damage, special the round pins .093” are impossible to remove without destroying them. Suitable for .156” en .100” crimp terminals.
The 4th Molex punch down tool is mount the cables on the Insulation Displacement Connector (IDC).
Suitable for .156 inch connectors

Dimensions set: 16cm x 9cm x 3,2cm
Pinball Dolly Pinball dollypinball dolly lifting your pinballPinball dolly stored under pinball

Price € 340,-  ( Shipment on request )
Stock ( 1 )

Move the heavy pinballs to and from your workbench ...raise and position a pinball for easy access. Just pump the foot pedal until the table surface is raised to your preferred height. To lower the lift table, squeeze the release handle for a controlled “drop”.

● Table height range: 225 mm to 700mm
Table dimensions : 750 x 450 mm, diametre wheels 100mm
● 136 kgs. capacity, weight 41 kg.
● Easy loading and unloading
● Rugged all-steel construction
● can be easy stored under your pinball
● fits easy between all pinballs

Tap and Die Set UNC 3/8" x 16
    Price: € 18,00 per set ( shipment € 3,95 Netherlands )
Stock (
5 )

With this tap UNC 3/8"x 16 and Die 3/8"x 16 you easily clean your stripped treads on your leg bolts and leg bolt plate. 
Inrush current limiter   inrush current limiter pinball type UNITEC 41748
    Price: € 45,- each  ( shipment € 7,25 Netherlands )
Stock ( 2 )

Is regularly triggering your circuit breaker as soon you turn on your pinball?
With this inrush current limiter it is history.
You never have go to your consumer unit to turn on your pinball machine again, no alarm clocks set every time. With this inrush current limiter you can without worries switch-on your pinball. can be used for machines till 2400W. type UNITEC 41748