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United Bankpool

We just have received a game we never had before. It came in a container from the U.S.A. It is a game called Bankpool of the company "United"

It is not a game which is very familiar in Holland. Also in America it is not a common game although shuffle-alley's are very populair. It was a hard way to find the schematic, probably a manual is never made. The game is made in 1964.
It is not known how many pieces of this game are manufactured .

Bank Pool Description
Throw the puck to "break up" the rack (it is always the same break), then try to clear the balls in the least number of shots by banking the puck off the sides.
This is a classic puck game. The object is to clear all the "balls" from the board. You have five shots per turn, 6 turns per game. The first shot is straight down the middle, awarding 10, 20, or 30 points depending on how close to center the puck is thrown. Next a different group of balls comes down (it is always the same), and you have four shots to clear them away. The method is to bank the puck off the 3 walls to pick up the most balls in possible in one shot, hence the name 'Bank Pool'. If you do it in 2 shots, you are awarded 90 points, 60 points for 3 shots, and 30 points for 4 shots. If you fail to clear all the balls, you only receive 1 point for each one you cleared. It is a pretty fun game, complete with a bell that rings for every 10 points scored. the maximum possible score is 720.

some photo's of the restauration
The bankpool before the restauration. all paint is in a terrible shape, the game is dirty and have a lot of damages.
    bankpool shuffle alley
    The game now is seperated into 3 items, the playfield, the box with the balls, and the counterbox. The counterbox will be the first who will be complete overhauled.

See photo's
    Bankpool shuffle alley
    As you can see the game is really dirty
    bankpool shuffle alley
    All items are already removed and start to be cleaned, adjusted, and finally will be re-assembled
    bankpool shuffle alley
    Here is the backbox already in the basecolour.
    bankpool shuffle alley
    Behind the backglass the counters still must be re-adjusted.
    united bankpool shuffle alley
    The backbox is already complete painted.
    united bankpool shuffle alley
    The alley before the final clearcoat.

At the end the game must be as beautiful as on the flyer.
    flyer united bankpool shuffle alley
    united bankpool shuffle alley
    united bankpool shuffle alley
    The Bankpool is complete as the leaflet.